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I created the subreddit r/LinuxCrackSupport and migrated all of its content to this repository after the 2023 API controversy.

Welcome to Linux Crack Tips!

Please take a brief moment and read through the following.

This is a copy/backup of the r/LinuxCrackSupport subreddit.

  1. Yes, there is also a Lemmy community.
  2. Take a look at the wiki, there's a lot explained there!
  3. When creating a post include necessary information!
  4. Yes, you can ask your Steam Deck related questions here!
  5. There's a database, for games that are working!
  6. Here's a list of daily Linux repack releases!
  7. Take a look at our room on Matrix!

Instead of posts you can create a new issue with your question and use tags like on Reddit.

For now this is just a rough copy of the subredit and things are still work-in-progress. So as always feel free to give feedback!

And for people requesting developer access - please don't. You can either submit merge requests or open an issue as linked above.